Green Purified Gearbox

This dirt removal installation is composed of the internal magnetic balls and the external spiral copper guided tube. The user can purify the gearbox anytime without stopping the production line and draining the oil. The innovated installation is applied with the principle of magnetic adsorption. These greasy iron chipping particles can be adsorbed on the magnetic balls tightly without any electricity power driving. This worldwide pioneer design is not only met with energy saving demand, but also greatly enhance the purity of the gearbox, decrease the precipitation of the iron chipping particles. With this specific installation, the durability life of the gear oil and gearbox can be extended up to 30~40%. This innovated design had been applied for Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China worldwide patents.


  • The world's pioneer energy saving greasy chipping adsorption technology & installation.
  • Greasy chipping clearance under machinery operating. No need to stop the production line.
  • Apply for Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China worldwide patents.
  • Clean the greasy chipping particles with specific magnetic installation. No driving Power needed and save the energy.
  • User Friendly Interface design, Easy to Use.
  • Value added with economic installation cost.
  • Simplicity & Innovation Design.
  • Repair & Maintenance Free.
  • Energy saving met with Green product design
Green Purified Gearbox | SUN LUNG Gear Works Co., Ltd.



Green Purified Gearbox

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