Sun Lung is committed to providing high-quality precision gears, continually enhancing processing capabilities through improvements to our production equipment. Our machining capabilities range from a minimum outer diameter of ψ25 for pinions to a maximum outer diameter of ψ3000 for ring gears. We can process module sizes ranging from M1 to M50, and we can accommodate various customer requests. Additionally, the precision can be reached to highest DIN1 grade.

As a precision gear manufacturer, Sun Lung has over 60 years of manufacturing experience in the gear processing industry. We adhere to strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)/ Standard Inspection Procedure (SIPs) for production control and precision inspection, ensuring precision, quality, and compliance with industry standards. Our expertise caters to various industries with specific gear application requirements, including the corrugated box printing equipment industry, screw and nut forming machine industry, papermaking machinery industry, rubber and plastic machinery industry, and specialized metal processing industry, etc.